Android Casinos

There are different kinds of smartphones available on the market today, and they fall into a few different categories. The iPhones are obviously very popular, and Apple has developed a tablet called the iPad, which also has millions of users. These operate on their own platform, but there is another platform that is actually a bigger seller when it comes to users worldwide. That's the Android platform, which is powered by Google. Of course, inasmuch as people are now flocking to their mobile devices in order to play their favorite casino games, there are games that are going to be developed with Android devices in mind.

The company which is probably taking the lead in this area is Microgaming, and that really isn't much of a surprise. This is probably the most innovative company in the online casino software field, and they have more games in their portfolio than anybody else; consequently, customers who play their games have more at their disposal than anywhere else. This indeed extends to the Android games. One of the things that Microgaming does is that it is able to scale the size of a game to the size of the screen, and that is a tremendous aid when it comes to being able to play the games seamlessly.

Microgaming has client casinos all over the world, and they have developed mobile games for almost all of them. One of those casinos is All Slots Casino, which has gotten out front of its competitors in developing mobile gaming convenience for its customers. The "swipe and tap" interface is Microgaming's signature when it comes to the mobile games. And players can engage on their phones without the worry of having to open up a new account. They play with "one wallet," so that there is perfect integration with the account they already have at the casino. This makes the gaming experience a lot more efficient.

Can anyone doubt that the mobile device represents the direction the online gambling industry is going in? Studies by respected research organizations are telling us that by the year 2017, this entire market, which includes tablets and smartphones, is going to exceed $100 billion. So one thing you can expect is that any casino software company’s efforts are going to be devoted largely toward advancing a mobile initiative. That's going to include a lot more convenience and more and more in terms of game selection on an Android device.

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