Live Dealer Online Casinos

You're always going to hear talk about the virtues of online casinos against that of land-based casinos. They both have their positives, and perhaps even negatives. But what if one could experience something that would provide for the best of both worlds? That is entirely possible, when you consider the idea of the live dealer casino.

This is something that is not necessarily brand new, but in recent years it has really picked up some steam, to the point where many of the online casinos that consider themselves to be progressive have made the decision to have one.

So exactly what is it that we're talking about? Well, a live dealer casino is one that can be accessed through a computer, but hooks into a physical, land-based environment through the screen. Through this no-download method, the customer is taken right into a remote location with actual dealers which is communicated through a real-time, high-quality video feed. Within these parameters, the customers can literally have games dealt to them live by these dealers, and instead playing in an animated setting against the random number generator, they can go against a brick-and-mortar casino.

The games that are offered differ according to which company is providing the live dealer service (there are a few prominent vendors in this field), but blackjack, baccarat and roulette are certainly three of the games that are usually part of the menu. The live casino sometimes takes a new deposit an account, but usually it involves transferring money from the "regular" account to the live account. When the player arrives at the live interface, he or she is greeted personally by the dealer, who is, more likely than not an attractive female.

This is done with a chat apparatus. There is generally one-way voice communication from the dealer to the player, with written chat communication going from the player to the dealer and also to the other players who are at the table.

For the live blackjack game, there are sensors in the shoes and codes written into the cards, and that is how players can actually see electronically, as it is happening, which cards are pulled and put into play.

This is a very unique experience, as you can imagine. And it is one that attracts more money at the tables. As a result, you will find that the minimums on these games are much higher than they are in the regular casino.

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