Mac Online Casinos

Most people are well aware that there is a big difference between operating your computer using a Windows operating system and using a Macintosh system. They do indeed operate very differently, and it wasn't that long ago that in the online casino world, Mac users were, to put it politely, discriminated against to a certain extent. But the online gambling business is nothing if not innovative and responsive to consumer needs. Obviously, casino operators became very aware of the fact that many of their customers were on an Apple computer. This required a different interface and different software. If you are located in Canada, and your computer operates on a Mac, it's pretty simple – you need to play a casino that is going to accommodate you and your operating system.

As you may or may not know, online casinos issue their product in two different ways. One is by downloading a suite of games, which is contained in a large piece of software, in which you will receive all of the games that are available to be played in that casino. The other way you can play the games is through the so-called "no-download" solution, which can be played right through the browser. This is sometimes called the "Instant Play" version, and operates using Flash or Java technology. Using the no-download casino has become a very popular alternative for all casino players. That's because it offers a lot of convenience, and also takes into consideration those customers who do not like to download software, for whatever reason.

If you look around, you'll see online casinos for Canadians that will allow you to download their games on a Mac. But what may be more attractive, and is more readily available, is to use the no-download version of the casino, which involves games that are easy to use and are rich in graphics. When you do this you don't have to open up a program; you just log into your account and start playing. In some cases that means you can also play from different locations; as long as you have your username and password you can be in the action.

Of course, you need to know that the set of games available in the no-download casino, whether it's for the Macintosh or otherwise, is going to be less extensive than it would be if you downloaded the software itself. But that's okay; it's a great alternative for you. There's no reason for Mac users to be discriminated against any more!

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