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It is not all that unusual for people who are opening up an account and an online casino to be a little bit squeamish about sharing their personal financial information with someone in an office overseas who they don't know. When you look on the pages of this website, we are reviewing casinos that have the highest possible level of trust, and never earned a reputation through the years. However, not all players deal with casinos like this, and it's quite possible that you might want that extra peace of mind when you're conducting an online gambling transaction.

Many Canadian customers have been able to take advantage of what is available through a service called UseMyBank, which developed a reputation not just in Canada, but worldwide as well. What has been available with this service is something that is not as much an electronic wallet as it is an electronic go-between when doing business with an online casino. It's different in that you don't have to deposit any fund. It functions as a facilitator, allowing you to use your bank account to provide funds for your casino gaming activity. You don't have to reveal any of your financial details to the casino you're signing up with. That's the advantage; it allows you to use your bank, and the name.

Recently, however, it is worth noting that the company has re-branded itself in a sense. By taking a trip over to, you will see that there are two options that are going to be left upon for customers. One of them is UseMyFunds, which facilitates purchases right through a bank account, and UseMyCard, which does the same thing as a "conduit" of sorts but takes the funds for your purchase through a credit card. Obviously you would have to register the information for these, but it's worth it.

Your funds are available immediately when using the service. It is so convenient that a lot of people are gravitating toward, and as a result many of the online casinos are permitting it as a payment option. The re-branding will undoubtedly catch on over time with the online casino sites. It is well worth checking out to see if it is available, as it involves much less in the way of "jumping through hoops" than most of the other electronic payment options.

And there is also an option called "Pre-Authorized Debt" that is available for Canadian consumers. In their words, "This new payment solution requires an initial one-time signup process and a one-time Account verification." Information on this option is available at

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