eCheck Casino Banking

If you're in Canada and you're looking for a very convenient way to make your deposit and open up a relationship with an online casino, you probably couldn't think of too many more convenient ways than to write a check, right? Wait a minute, you say, that doesn't sound too convenient! To send the check to Costa Rica or CuraƧao or the Isle of Man? How long is that going to take? To the overnight services even deliver overnight to those locations?

Hold your horses. Were not talking about writing something out of your checkbook carrying it out and putting it in an envelope. We're talking about writing something called an "E check," which actually is one of the easiest ways we can think of.

And a check is not a name that identifies a specific brand, but rather, a method of payment that is recognized by many online casinos the deal with Canadians. It stands for "electronic check," and it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It is essentially an immediate transaction; what it does is it transfers money instantly from your bank account, so it has a similar effect to being a bank transfer, except that it actually may be quicker.

You write in each check in much the same way that you write a paper check. It is a form online we are going to give the bank account number, with the routing number, and perhaps some other details. Then you're going to basically assign your own electronic signature to it. Just imagine that your writing a physical check, but instead of using a ballpoint pen, using your keyboard to do it.

Now we mentioned that it could be as quick as a bank transfer, but let's clarify. The actual transfer process itself may take a few days, but the approval is instant, which means that the casino knows immediately that it will be getting the funds. So there is no doubt about the fact that the validity of your deposit is guaranteed right away.

If you're going to use in each check to open an account, generally your withdrawal process is going to be similar; that is, you are going to be receiving funds right through to your own bank account directly. This should work well for everybody, unless of course you specify that you'd rather have a paper check in return. Of course, that's the old-fashioned way, isn't it?

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