Skrill Casino Banking

Skrill is an electronic wallet that facilitates transactions that take place online between a customer who has funded an account through his or her bank and any number of merchants that are spread out across the world. There is some confusion when people see this name, and that is natural during a transition process, as this particular service, which has changed hands in the last couple of years, is being "re-branded" from its previous name, which was MoneyBookers.

The process is relatively straight-forward, involving verification of your bank account, with the option of putting a credit card on file as well. MoneyBookers has been a very popular payment option in many parts of Europe and beyond, so Skrill will take on that same level of activity, though the parent company is still in the educational process as to who they are.

Customers in the United States can use Skrill; indeed, they have an office in New York. But they just can't use it for online gambling transactions. If you're in the US, try it at your own risk, because if they even suspect there is a gambling transaction involved, you will find your money tied up for quite some time.

In Canada it used to be different, as a lot of residents use it, but recently Skrill made the announcement, on rather short notice and through a simple email to customers, that they would no longer be involved in any gambling transactions for Canadian residents. There is a certain amount of speculation that because they have recently been approved and licensed in the state of New Jersey as a payment method for legalized and regulated online gambling within the state (after several banks refused to be involved in the market), that they are pulling out of places that might present any possibility of a "gray area." In Canada, naturally, the law is that operators from within its borders cannot set up shop and offer gambling product to citizens, and offshore operations are not deemed to be in clear violation of any law, nor are the customers themselves.

So it really doesn't make sense to continue on and describe the entire scroll process in detail. Until further notice, Canadians will simply not be able to use grill as an electronic wallet for purposes of opening up a real money online casino account. That's a shame, but that's just the way it is.

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