ClickAndBuy Casino Banking

In the online gaming world, folks are constantly looking for convenient and efficient payment methods, and the online casinos themselves like those alternatives methods because customers place a lot of trust in them. One of the more common payment options that exist in online gambling is that of ClickAndBuy, which has expanded to accommodate players from around the world. If you are located within the United States, you cannot use ClickAndBuy to open up a casino account, but it's perfectly fine if you are Canadian customer.

What happens with ClickAndBuy is that you get to select from two different ways to make payments. You can use either your bank account, which amounts to a direct debit, or a credit card. You would register the information related to either, or both of these upon signing up for ClickAndBuy account. They will ask you for certain personal information that isn't all that uncommon. For example you'll give them your name and address, but this information itself is not going to be shared with any third-party vendors, including any online casinos you may sign up with. Of course, you can pay for many other things over the Web using ClickAndBuy, aside from your online casino deposits and purchases.

When you go to the "Banking" or Cashier" page at an online casino website, you will look to see if ClickAndBuy is available as an option. If it is, you will simply give them the information for the ClickAndBuy account, with no need to hand over personal financial information about your bank or credit card.

To open a ClickAndBuy account, it is free of charge. However, certain fees can apply. If you fund your account itself using a credit card, you will be subject to a 3.9% administrative fee; however, please note that when you make a payment using your credit card through ClickAndBuy, you are not charged a fee. You will also be charged a small handling fee for a withdrawal. But as long as your bank account is in "verified" status, you will be able to execute a transaction like this. Of course, you'll have to check if the online casino you have a relationship with offers ClickAndBuy as a withdrawal method. There are many who do.

It is important to note that if you are able to use ClickAndBuy for withdrawal from your casino account, it will probably take a few days, and the money will go through ClickAndBuy to whatever bank account you designated when signing up originally. It's actually very easy, and certainly a viable option!

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