Online Casino Bonuses

There are a lot of online casinos out there on the market, and they are all well aware of the competitive environment in which they exist. It really takes something extra in order to get customers to sign up, and if they don't have it, they are going to lose out to a casino that does do those things for their customers.

This is the reason that Canadians have the opportunity to choose from a number of very creative welcome bonuses that come their way. In effect, what they get is a bonus from the casino in exchange for signing up with a real money account.

Usually these bonuses are expressed in terms of a match of the initial deposit. Let's briefly illustrate how that works. The customer makes a deposit of CA$100 in an account, where the match bonus for new players is 100%. So they will receive 100% of that deposit, or $100, as a bonus that can be placed into the account, which, in effect, doubles the bankroll.

That is not the limit to which bonuses can go, either. Some of them offer 200% or even 300%. Some of them offer multi-part welcome bonuses, where the players can receive something on the first two, three, four deposits, etc. And there are also "reload" bonuses, in which a customer might get a bonus on every deposit he or she makes. Some of the more aggressive casinos are always exploring new offers to make, and they sometimes change up the bonuses they feature, depending on what day of the week it is.

All of these bonuses have something in common, in that they cannot be converted into real money in a player's account until certain "wagering requirements" are met. What this means is that the customer must place a certain amount of money into action before this conversion can happen.

The wagering requirement is expressed as a multiple - you'll see terms like "25x" or "40x." What this means is that a customer would have to put 25 times (25x) the combined amount of the deposit AND the bonus into play. Here's the example - if the deposit is $100 and the bonus amounts to $100 as well, that is a total of $200. On the basis of 25x, the player must make $200 times 25, or $5000 in wagers. This could be a $10 wager 500 times, or a $100 wager fifty times. You get the drift.

It's not as hard as it sounds. During the course, of play, you'll be surprised at how quickly those requirements get filled.

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