NordicBet Blocking Players From the Outside

January 16, 2014

NordicBet, a well-recognized brand which operates a full-service gambling website, which includes the Microgaming Poker Network, has announced, through an email to its players located outside specified countries that they are no longer going to be able to access the site at all. This particular block is now in effect. The countries in question are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

You might ask, how are people going to withdraw their money and close their account if they can't access the site? Well, NordicBet is going to allow the players who are affected to open an account at Betsson (another brand but one that is related), as their funds are going to be transferred over there. They'll have a month, up until February 2, to make the necessary arrangements to get their money.

There are sportsbook players involved here as well, and they'll be able to withdraw their funds 30 days after the settlement of their last wager.

NordicBet offers a large assortment of gaming-related activities, including bingo, sports book betting, and a full casino. It also, as mentioned, has a skin for the Microgaming Poker Network. There are also a number of players who enjoy going to NordicBet for their slot selection which includes many of the offerings developed by WMS Gaming.

Whether this is part of a disturbing trend or not is a matter of speculation. It is said that the recent legislation in the United Kingdom has had a ripple effect, because it requires gaming operators who are doing business with residents of the UK to pay 15% on their gaming revenue. That might explain the timing of NordicBet's email, which came during the holiday season; admittedly something that wasn't very well-timed.

Those players who want to continue will find that they are in decent hands with Betsson, which also offers a full-service gaming operation.

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